Calorimeter for Compressor
Calorimeter for Compressor
Description: This is a computerized automatic test equipment to test compressor’s capacity.
Test Purpose: Measuring the cooling capacity of compressor under various kinds of operation conditions, using unit refrigerant enthalpy (kcal/kg) * hourly refrigerant cycle volume (kg/hr), try to get the cooling capacity of compressor(kcal/hr).

Testing norm:
  1. CNS 11870 B7273 “Testing methods for cooling compressors”
  2. JIS B8606 “Testing methods for cooling compressors”
Testing range:
  1. Suitable for refrigerator compressors: 50~300 kcal/hr
  2. Suitable for compressors of room air-conditioners: 1,000~7,000 kcal/hr
  3. Suitable for compressors of package type air-conditioners: 7,500~45,000 kcal/hr
  1. Suitable for compressors of chiller: 35,000 ~240,000 kcal/hr
Suitable refrigerants: R22, R134a, R410A, R407C, R404, R32, R290