Performance Test Equipment for Fan
Performance Test Equipment for Fan
Description: This is computerized automatic performance test equipment for fans.
Purpose of testing: Test various performances of fans, including air flow, static pressure, fan speed, leverage, voltage, current, input power,
 calculate the ventilator’s SHp, efficiency…etc., and draw out  the ventilator’s P-O curve, N-Q curve, T-Q curve, n-Q curve…etc.,
 so that to provide designers with reference data for enhancing and designing efficiency while designing the fans or motors.
Test norm:
  1. CNS 7778 B4046  “Industrial-Performance testing using standardized airways”
  2. JIS B8330  “Testing methods for turbo fans”
  3. ANSI/AMCA 210-85, ANSI-ASHRAE 51-07  “Laboratory methods for testing fans for certified aerodynamic performance rating”
  4. ISO 5801  “Industrial fans, Performance testing using standardized airways