The Commercial Test Equipment for Refrigerant Compressor
The Commercial Test Equipment for Refrigerant Compressor
Description: The compressor manufactures use this equipment to test their product of compressor with 100% checking for control best quality, could avoid the bad one going to end user perfectly. This equipment log all test data, creating QC graphic to improve producing flow and minimizing the defect rate.
General Test items:
  1. High voltage puncture test
  2. Insulation MΩ test
  3. Coil resistance test
  4. Low voltage starting test
  5. Rating voltage performance test
  6. Pressure rise time tester
  7. Rotation speed test of compressor inverter.
  8. Reverse leak flow test
Design specific:
  1. Customer made design
  2. The number of test stations could up to 8
  3. Independence PLC design for each test station
  4. Touch screen operation center with password control
  5. Have good flow control with bar code scanner system design
  6. Industry level computer system get good data management
  7. Good operation design for high speed producing
  8. High activation and easy maintenance