Motor Torque Test Equipment
Motor Torque Test Equipment
1. Purpose
This is automatic test equipment, controlling the load or speed of motor, then gathers all data of each point at the same time to calculate and save to hard-disk as important information for motor production, which could also print out and plot curves related. Those data includes voltage, current, input wattage, output torque and out speed. This equipment is applicable for the development of motor. Otherwise, it is comply with standard IEC60034, IEEE-112 and CNS14400.

2.Test Range
    2.1. AC 1Φ/ 3Φ induction motor
    2.2. Horsepower:Per customer's requirement
    2.3. Torque range:Per customer's requirement
    2.4. Max speed:Per customer's requirement

3. We could offer multiple test equipments for different needs.

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